Summer is the season to leave the house! Enjoying barbeques, visiting the park, and going for a walk are perfect ways to spend the warm months, but sometimes getting out the door can be hard. If you struggle with mobility like millions of other Americans, here are some options for you to get out this summer.

  1. Cane – A cane is the simplest form of mobility aid. If you struggle to keep your balance or need support on just one side of your body, a can is both simple and effective. A single pole (adjusted to your height by professionals) comes with a variety of bottoms for the perfect stability solution.
  2. Walker – Possibly the most common form mobility aid, a walker helps to keep you going. Its easily-gripped frame provides stability and a driving force to keep you going. A more advanced version of the walker is a rollator, a device with a similar frame, but a sturdier build, wheels on all four ends (walkers either have two or none), a seat, and the ability to add accessories like a tray or basket for carrying the essentials.
  3. Power Scooter – A scooter is an advanced piece of motorized technology that provides fast support with great comfort. While sitting, the user has the ability to steer, change speed, and even park the powered device. Similar to a power scooter, a power chair has all of the same functions, but with the build of a large wheel chair instead of a scooter.

Of course, there are so many options when it comes to your mobility. For best results, consult a Medical Equipment Technician.

Article by Jase Lucas / Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Byrd-Watson.