Our Pharmacists can provide many vaccines in our store so that you don’t have to deal with the expensive copays of a doctor’s office. We carry flu, TDAP, pneumonia, shingles, and Prevnar 13 shots almost every day and can order more if you need them.

Tip: An appointment is encouraged for immunizations, but we will happily serve walk-ins for the flu vaccine.

Type Initial Appointment Repeat
FLU 10 years old with prescription. 18 years old (recommended). Annually
PNEUMONIA 14 years old with prescription. 18 years old (recommended). Every 5 years
PREVNAR-13 65 years old (recommended). Consult a doctor. This vaccine may be prescribed earlier or advised against. N/A
SHINGLES 60 years old with prescription. N/A
TDAP When child or grandchild is born (recommended). Every 10 years