The natural properties you love about Ananda Professional’s hemp extract are now available in two cutting-edge beauty products – the Advanced Spot Serum and Hydrating Glow Serum. Formulated by our Chief Science Officer, these products feature botanicals and actives from nature while highlighting the benefits of Ananda’s signature CBD-rich hemp extract.

Advanced Spot Serum Ananda Professional’s Advanced Spot Serum is tough on impurities yet gentle on skin.
Our signature full spectrum hemp extract is supercharged with neem, rosehip and tea tree oils, as well as vitamin E to perform the ultimate disappearing act and restore a fresh, nourished glow. Featuring ultra-concentrated botanicals, the absorbent and lightweight serum controls shine while hydrating and calming your skin for clearer days ahead. This antioxidant rich serum is formulated for blemish-prone skin, and aids in reducing redness and bacteria on the skin. The Advanced Spot Serum is a great alternative for patients who find that other blemish treatments are too harsh and drying for their skin.
Hydrating Glow Serum Packed with the superpowers of a serum and the benefits of a moisturizer, our Hydrating Glow Serum is your new secret weapon. The nutrient and hemp-rich formula restores and refreshes to regenerate and protect a glow that’s as radiant and timeless as you. Featuring over 20 concentrated active botanicals and antioxidants, the natural ingredients create a fresh, earthy aroma that is as calming to your mind as it is to your skin. The Hydrating Glow Serum was formulated for individuals with dry, dull skin. This product contains Seabuckthorn, which promotes collagen production, repairs skin damage, and can help improve the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.

Advanced Spot Serum
Shake well. Clean and dry the skin thoroughly and cover the area with a thin layer in the morning and
evening. Follow with lotion.
Hydrating Glow Serum
Shake well. Massage gently into clean skin on the face, neck and chest in the morning and evening.
Follow with lotion, as needed.