With 1.4 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes every year, it’s important for us to take time in November to learn more about what this health issue is and how we can support those who live with it. Here are four simple but important lessons I learned from my grandmother, who is a Byrd-Watson customer and has lived with diabetes for as long as I can remember.

  1. Sugar isn’t always off limits. Most of us associate diabetes with a complete intolerance to sugar, but this is not always the case. While diabetes is categorized by an insulin imbalance (meaning the body does have difficulty processing sugar), many diabetics enjoy sugary foods. My grandmother is an excellent baker and she always samples small portions of her own creations. While many others may not be able to eat sugar, moderation is key for her.
  2. Diabetes affects more than just the diet. With diabetes comes many aches and pains. Because of the insulin imbalance, the body struggles to maintain comfortable operation in many people. Some of the most common problems include foot ailments and joint pain. (PS – We have so many creams and remedies for these afflictions at Byrd-Watson Pharmacy.)
  3. Diabetic-friendly snacks are easy to find. Any time I host a big event with food involved, I turn to my grandmother for a recommendation on what kinds of options I should have for diabetic guests. These are easy to find, just do an Internet search or look for the sugar-free section at the grocery store.
  4. Diabetes doesn’t mean an abnormal life. Today, Grandmother lives happily just like everyone else. She has to regulate her insulin and watch her sugar intake, but she still gets to enjoy time with her grandkids, go to church every week, and take care of her garden – all the things that make her happy.

Article by Jase Lucas / Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Byrd-Watson

Source: Healthline.com