Two products. One goal.

Sunscreen and sun block are two very different things.

SUNSCREEN reacts chemically with your skin. Now, don’t freak out, it’s not a bad reaction. The sunscreen simply seems into your skin and chemically prevents it from burning. Think about your skin as a piece of wood and think of sunscreen like water. Dry wood (unprotected skin) easily burns, but it you soak it with water (sunscreen on skin), it can’t combust because the elements simply don’t react that way. Though water won’t protect your skin (in fact, many studies suggest that it may cause you to burn faster), sunscreen acts on it like water does on dry wood.

SUN BLOCK reacts physically to the sun’s rays. It sits on top of your skin and blocks harmful UV rays from reaching and burning you. In the same way a fire door can stop fire from spreading, sun block stops the sun from scorching you. But also like a fire door, it does burn away, so never forget to reapply sun block regularly.

Two products. One goal. Both good. Neither perfect. Protect your skin this summer. See your Pharmacist with questions.

Article by Jase Lucas / Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Byrd-Watson