Walk into Byrd-Watson Medical Equipment on any given day and you’ll see Abby, our friendly face at the front desk ready to help you find exactly what you need and figure out how we can get it to you. Behind her, you’ll find Brooke in her office working with insurance companies and suppliers to make sure we can provide you with the absolute best care. But, Brooke and Abby aren’t just helpful Customer Service Reps, they have one more very important responsibility: respiratory therapy. Both of these women attended school for years studying lungs and breathing; now they work at Byrd-Watson overseeing the use of oxygen, CPAPs, and other respiratory functions.

Why is this important? Because February is American Heart Month!

The heart and the lungs are connected. As three of the body’s most important organs, they work together to operate the cardio and respiratory systems. According to Harvard Medical School, illnesses like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can harm heart and lungs, causing heart attacks, strokes, and much more. Further, the ability of the lungs to absorb oxygen is critical to the efficiency of the heart in pumping blood throughout the body (Ronald Reagan UCLA Health Center).

So, if you are looking for a good way to keep your heart healthy, stop by Byrd-Watson and have a chat with one of our Respiratory Therapists to learn how you can do the same for your lungs!

Article by Jase Lucas / Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Byrd-Watson