Imagine the den at your parents’ home. Inside, you can probably visualize the TV with dad’s favorite show on, mom’s books or magazines on a table, and the family pets sleeping. Now picture a brand new recliner (dad will love it) that matches the room’s other furniture and sits comfortably. But that recliner is more than meets the eye. Underneath, there’s a powerful motor and firm structure hidden perfectly to provide mobility support without standing out. This recliner is a lift chair, a specialized medical device that helps with sitting and standing. Lift chairs are great gifts, and here’s why you should buy one.

  1. Stylish Design – Lift chairs look like any recliner. They come is a handful of designs with a vast selection of colors, fabrics, and sizes to choose from. These chairs will fit pre-existing d├ęcor in the home and do not have a traditionally medical look.
  2. Mobility Solution – Standing and sitting become more difficult with age. Lift chairs assist in these processes by adjusting positions for ease. A chair can rise and lean forward to meet a standing person, then gently guide that person to a sitting position. While sitting, a remote control helps the user to recline. When it is time to stand, the same remote slowly positions the chair to a standing position requiring no effort from the sitter.
  3. Easy Use – Lift chairs don’t have heavy levers or complicated machinery. A remote is connected to the chair and controls all functions. Most remotes have just a few buttons that are easy to understand and allow to user to easily perform the standing, sitting, and reclining functions of the chair. Almost any user can understand the simple use of the standard remote.
  4. Peace of Mind – Lift chairs can prevent a lot of worries. The risks of falls, slips, strains, and injuries from standing and sitting are minimized when using a lift chair to assist with mobility.

Article by Jase Lucas // Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Byrd-Watson