The holidays are coming soon!!! Are you ready for family bonding, cheerful singing, and holiday parties??? We all know that holidays can also bring foods that are high in fat and calories, but don’t worry because Byrd-Watson is here to give you a few hints to help you avoid the gift of weight gain this season!

One of the most important things to remember is to keep moving! Always double-check with your doctor on which exercises are safest for you because there are many ways to be active even if you have limitations. If you think it is too cold to go for you morning walk, then try walking in the afternoon. You can squeeze activity in as a friendly competition, such as seeing who can do the most jumping jacks or push-ups during a commercial break. Raking leaves, shoveling snow, and decorating the yard are easy ways to get active and make your house or yard look ready for the holiday season, too!

If you must indulge in holiday goodies, then plan for it! Planning ahead can allow you to take an extra walk that day to burn off any extra calories you might eat at a holiday party. Also, make sure to choose smaller portions because those holiday treats pack a lot of calories in just a small bite. Remember, a 150-pound person walks about one mile in 30 minutes and burns less than 100 calories. So, if you eat a dessert that is 400 calories, you will have to walk for 2 hours to burn it off!!

Control the temptations! Keeping the holiday goodies and treats out of your home and work can help stop the urge to grab a treat. If you bake, keep a small amount for you and your family, and then give the rest away. Holiday treats make great gifts.

Never go to a party hungry! Only go up to the party food if you feel hungry and make sure to choose wisely. High-fat meatballs, wings, creamy sauces, cheeses, and desserts are just a few foods that can be found at a party that are high in calories. Choose foods from the veggie and fruit trays (remember, only use a tablespoon or less of the dipping sauce) and use a smaller plate to help control your portions. Remember that conversations are calorie-free and standing burns more calories than sitting, so there’s more reason to get out and start socializing!

Byrd-Watson Pharmacy wants you and your family to have a wonderful holiday season and doesn’t want weight gain to ruin it. We hope these tips will help you enjoy all the fun and none of the fuss also hire nyc home cleaning service to get relaxed during weekends. From all of us at Byrd-Watson … Happy Holidays!

Article by Laura Olsen, PharmD / Pharmacist-in-Charge at Byrd-Watson Pharmacy