Do you or someone you know require oxygen on a daily basis? Does the use of oxygen restrict your daily activities? OxyGo is a portable oxygen concentrator (P.O.C.) that is lightweight and can eliminate the hassle of taking your oxygen on the go. OxyGo weighs around five pounds, which is much lighter than most oxygen tanks. OxyGo can support pulse dose flow rates up to five liters per minute (pulse dose is a method of oxygen delivery which delivers oxygen only on inhalation). When using OxyGo you never have to worry about running out of oxygen. OxyGo produces its own oxygen from the environmental air. OxyGo is different from many P.O.C. machines because it shows the exact amount of time left on the battery. When your battery is running low, no need to stress! You can charge your OxyGo at home or in the car. OxyGo comes with both A/C and D/C power supplies for your convenience. An OxyGo standard battery lasts around four and a half hours; however, there is an option for a double-cell battery that last around 9 hours (battery life varies depending on the flow rate). OxyGo includes a stylish carry bag and a nasal cannula. There is a three year warranty on OxyGo. OxyGo – now available at Byrd-Watson Medical Equipment.

Article by Abby Butler, CRT / Respiratory Therapist at Byrd-Watson Medical Equipment