My absolute favorite scrubs to wear are Elle! They are so comfortable and so stylish at the same time. The elastic waistband allows for full movement without any slipping or sliding. If you do prefer a tie waist band, they also come in styles that offer that. Elle scrubs come in a wide variety of trendy colors to suit any style preference, including pewter, Caribbean blue, wine, black, and grape. My favorite colors to wear are navy, black, and wine – the material that they are made of is super easy to clean.

One night, I went to a basketball game after work and accidentally spilled nacho cheese on my scrub shirt. I was quite sad because I was wearing my favorite navy set. I went to wipe the cheese off and it came up with shocking ease. Not only do Elle scrubs wipe clean easily, they also wash and dry beautifully. They have never shrunken or lost their coloring in my experience.

One of my favorite design details of Elle scrubs is their pinstripe accents on the front and sleeves. This detail makes them look just a bit more sophisticated than just your regular, run-of-the-mill scrubs. Plus, the back of the scrub top is a super soft and stretchy material. The tops have handy front pockets that are big enough to fit my iPhone, which is very convenient. They also have a classic scrub-style wrap front that I find to be very flattering.

The pants to each scrub set also have special details. The elastic features a silver ringlet on each hip that wonderfully compliments the silver logo on the sleeve of the top. There is also a tiny “secret pocket” (as I like to call it) located on the right side of the pant near the thigh. I like to keep little things in it that I may need at work such as bobby pins or lip balm. The pants match the tops and are designed with a pinstripe pattern. In my opinion, this elevates the style of the pants and makes them look a bit dressier than regular scrubs. The foot holes have slits in them, which nicely accommodates whatever shoes you are wearing for that day.

I find that these scrubs are the most flattering of any set that I own. They are true to size (which ranges XS to 3X) so I never have to try them on because the sizing is so consistent. I highly recommend Elle scrubs to any nurse or medical professional who is looking for a new set! 

Article by Morgan Bundy / Customer Service Representative at Byrd-Watson Downtown