Looking to upgrade your stethoscope? Do you need a gift for a graduating nursing student? Let 3M TM Littmann Stethoscopes enhance your performance as a medical professional!

Littmann offers a level of excellence that is unmatchable by competing brands. A few of the features unique to Littmann include:

  • heightened acoustic sensitivity
  • tunable diaphragm that can focus on various sounds without changing the headpiece
  • snap tight and soft ear pieces
  • adjustable headset
  • stain, oil, and alcohol resistant tubing

All Littmann stethoscopes are lightweight and durable, giving them the perfect combination of style and functionality, These Stethoscopes come in a wide variety of colors and metal finishes, including the popular quirky rainbow chrome that is unique to Littmann products.

One satisfied Littmann customer wrote, “Bought for my husband, who is a physician, to replace his old stethoscope. He wanted the exact same make and brand of his previous one but the company is no longer in business. He is extremely happy with his new stethoscope and said it is far better than his previous one.”

Try Littmann for yourself, and experience the quality and style that accompany it.

Article Courtesy of Morgan Bundy / Customer Service Representative at Byrd-Watson Downtown