At Byrd-Watson Medical Equipment, we support the health of the woman and understand that this kind of healthcare is more than what may be needed for a man. Here are our top reasons for being so passionate about caring for ladies…

1. Women have complex bodies. The female body needs more medical attention than that of a male for general, day-to-day function. Special checkups with your GYN and other specialists add to the hassles of daily life.

2. Women bear children. Pregnancy is its own ball game when it comes to your health, something men (like myself) will never have to go through. Special drugs, products, and routines may be necessary to keep mom and baby healthy.

3. Women and men are built differently. Aside from the different anatomy of males and females, women and me have other physical differences, so hire house cleaning honolulu if your are planning to clean the house. Women tend to be shorter, develop less muscle, and have smaller similar body parts. Additionally, women are more susceptible to breast cancer, less likely to have serious heart disease, and may have another life inside of them.

4. Women deserve a break. We acknowledge the oppression of women in history and throughout the world today. We condemn the nation-wide wage gap. We know women need a break, so we want to give them extra support when it comes to taking care of their bodies.

Article by Jase Lucas / Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Byrd-Watson